Our favorite destinations, listed by continent

We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite destinations for motorbike touring. I’ll go over different aspects about each continent and what you should consider before planning a trip. Under each continent section you can find destinations related to that continent that are great for long term motorcycle travel. If you love to camp along the way make sure to check out our favorite destinations in America and Latin America. If you would like a more relaxed approach to motorbike travel, check out some of our favorite European destinations.


Europe is famous for its historical landmarks and various cultures, but there is an abundance of amazing motorbike touring roads as well. The various climates you can encounter while touring Europe are another wonderful aspect of planning a trip on the continent. From Spain to Sweden, you are likely to encounter warm, fresh breezes along the Mediterranean and cooler, wetter climates up north. Planning a tour on a bike can be a bit of a challenge, considering all of the amazing places to choose from in Europe. We recommend you study up before leaving, so as to ensure that you have to proper gear.


From the great open plains to the condensed major metropolises, going on a motorbike tour in America might have to be split into multiple trips. Because of the vastness of the country, it would take years to ride all the roads and see all the sights. We suggest breaking the country into regions: The east, South-East, South, Mid-West, West, and North-West. Each region of the United States offers its own unique attractions and riding that make it so special. Riders of any level will be able to plan a trip of a lifetime traveling by motorbike through America.

Latin America

Continuing south from the United States, if you are up for a bit more adventure consider planning your next motorcycle adventure through Latin America. You could spend some serious time in Mexico alone, however traveling south throughout Central America you can find amazing vistas of volcanoes, vast jungles, and both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Make sure to stop and meet the locals, the people are warm and welcoming all throughout the region.