About Us

Ton Up Bikes

We are a community of avid motorbike touring lovers. We have started this site to help other lovers of motorcycle travel plan and prepare. Born from a love of the free road, we have  countless time spent on long distance motorbike tours all over the world. From Europe to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and all throughout the Americas, we are driven to share our experience.

Helping you prepare

Our main goal of our site is to provide helpful information to you. We want to help you prepare for your next motorbike tour. Being prepared is the most important part of planning a trip. If a trip is not properly prepared for, disaster can happen. Therefore, our goal is to ensure each and every one of you is fully prepared to take on the open road.

Exciting people to ride

Driven from a passion for riding and traveling alike, we want to create a community. We aim to share experiences and relevant information. We hope to provide information to riders of all levels. Whether you are many years experienced, or just started motorcycle touring, you can find relevant information here.

We hope to inspire and motivate fellow riders to get out there and plan their next big adventure. We believe there is not better way to travel the world than by motorbike. Freedom from traveling by bike is like none other, and we hope to excite others to take action and start traveling. We will share our experiences and personal stories with you. We hope to be able to showcase other riders, and their adventures as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, we would love to hear them!