Choosing the Best Motorbike Travel Tent

There is a quite unique feeling when you are traveling with a motorbike and having the right gear makes even the experience greater.

The right gear depends on these important factors:

1. Size

The size of the motorbike so as ensure it is safe.  The size of the sleeping area in the motorbike travel tent .  The size of storage area or room in the motorbike travel tent.

2. Price

It all depends on your pocket size but it is always advisable to find a balance between quality and price.

3. Water, wind resistance and ventilation

The motorbike travel tent must be capable to face the harsh conditions outdoors and still provide comfort.


Recently recommended to me by a fort collins co seo consultant who I met while traveling Colorado in October, the *Lone Rider Mototent V2 is the overall best motorbike camping tent.

  • Asking those who have used the tent, ‘the experience was breathtaking’ and this was the reasons why
  • The fabric of the tent is made out of a tough ,waterproof material that extends to a vestibule area that is primarily a storage area for the bike but can be a siting area when the bike is out.
  • It has reflector bands and can comfortably fit two people.

The best value for money motorbike camping tent is the *Coleman Hooligan  It is dome shaped and a two person tent. In extreme weather the floor is made of polythene and wraps up the sides.It is quite light weighing at 3.5kg hence easy packing. Being the b est value for your money it about $74.99 and comes with a one year warranty.

The lighter the travel gear the more expensive it is, however a quality product will make your adventure comfortable.Motorbike adventures are like no other, the sense of freedom the sense of risk taking can all be experienced with the right gear.