Motorbike Touring Throughout Pakistan

Pakistan motorbike touring

When I think of places that would inspire a tour on a motorcycle, Pakistan is not what instantly comes to mind. However, after snooping through the chronicles of people who have done it, Pakistan shoots to the top of my list for motorbike tours.

While in Pakistan and traversing the rugged roads, it’s easy to imagine the history, events, and people that traveled through the country. Sharing the northwest border of India and the southern borders of Afghanistan and Iran, Pakistan is situated in the center of south Asian and Middle Eastern culture. Connections between the eastern and western worlds traveled through the land, leaving their mark. Pakistan is generally divided into three geographical regions: the Northern Highlands, the Indus River Valley, and the Balochistan Plateau. For a motorcyclist, these incredibly diverse regions offer constantly changing and mesmerizing scenery while on a ride.

Skardu Road

The Skardu Road, a popular trip for motorbike tours, is located in the northern mountainous region of the country. Coming in at just under 100 miles, the road is not a lengthy one, but is packed full of views of beautiful mountain ranges. To start the road, you ride over a bridge that doesn’t seem like it would support a feather, but the integrity is strong and sets the tone for the rest of the road as an adventure. While not much vegetation along the road, the monochrome color scheme transports you to what feels like another world. Experiencing it on the back of a motorbike drives home the immersive feeling of a completely new place. The road follows the Indus River, which, if you’re interested in the history of the terrain, will allow you to marvel at the fact that this river spawned civilization and no doubt did some of the world’s most notorious people in ancient and modern history traverse the same path that you are. It can be humbling and awe inspiring.

Karakoram Highway,

Another path that calls to those craving the open road is the Karakoram Highway, the  highest international highway in the world. Around 1300 kilometers in length, you’re sure to spend some time on this popular path. Connecting China and Pakistan, this road holds its significance all the way back to the time of the Silk Road. Since this road is also in the northern part of the country, the mountain ranges are overpowering and will surround you on all sides. This means that you’ll never be short on spectacular views and challenging terrain. Since you will be in the Himalayan climate, there is of course a level of danger associated with this ride. Be sure to take precautions and plan your route ahead of time, thinking of emergency plans such as in the case of a landslide or the like.

Pakistan is a beautiful and diverse country, laden with history, culture, and adventure. Seeing the country on motorbike is sure to offer an unparalleled experience and will leave you wanting to go back for more.