5 Long Term Motorcycle Touring Packing Tips

How to pack your saddlebags like a pro for long term motorcycle touring.

One of the things people love about motorcycles is the fact that it is small – small enough to park in a tight space, small enough to maneuver between cars, and small enough to be washed much faster than four-wheel cars. However, it is the same reason why motorcycle tours can be difficult to prepare for. Because of a motorcycle’s limited space, there is not enough room for a lot of stuff. To solve this problem, here is a list of motorcycle packing tips you can follow for your next motorcycle tour.

1. Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes rather than folding them is probably one of the most popular packing tips. For all your stuff to fit into your bags, you have to be creative. Rolling clothes allows you to use up every inch of space in your luggage. It makes your bag easier to carry as it is less bulky.

2. Bring cords and ties

Cords and ties must be included in your packing checklist. To make sure that all your stuff is secured, you need to have the assurance only these guys can give. It is not enough to strap your bag to your motorcycle once. They have to be bound by a strong rope or chain to withstand different kinds of road conditions. All extra luggage that does not fit in the compartment must be fastened securely. This will give you the peace of mind to travel knowing that everything is in place.

3. Be a minimalist

Minimalists have something to say when it comes to motorcycle packing tips – LESS is MORE. Limit yourself to two saddlebags and a tour pack. Only bring the essentials. It still depends on how many days your motorcycle tour is. Just be practical in making the decision on which stuff to bring and leave behind. Do not challenge the load limit.

4. Keep a packing list

This is one of the most important motorcycle packing tips on the list. Be organized by keeping a list of things to bring. Make sure you have not forgotten any essential object. Keep a list of the necessary tools and toiletries. Remember to bring your maintenance medicine (if this applies). You should know where you keep them, too.

5. Keep your bags on the right position

If you are travelling  with a few, large bags, it is important to know that there is a safe way to position your stuff on your motorcycle. First of all, make sure that the bags are not blocking the airflow to the engine. This simple mistake may cause your motorbike to overheat and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Second, keep your stuff as close to your body as possible. A big part of riding a motorcycle is keeping balance. It may be difficult to ride with a lot of heavy stuff on the tail end. This is what they call the rule of mass centralization. This motorcycle tour tip will give you more control to your bike.