4 Best Motorbike Travel Destinations In The US

Some places are built to become the best motorcycle travel destinations. Here is a list of places to show off your blazing bikes!


A true-blooded motorcycle enthusiast has gone to Sturgis at least once in his life. The famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the oldest, biggest, and most popular motorcycle event in the United States. Every year during the summer, half a million motorcycle riders travel to South Dakota to attend this massive event. Sturgis is just a few minutes away from the tourist attractions Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is usually a ten-day event full of riding activities for motorcycle enthusiasts. There is music, food, and other festivities to be enjoyed during the course of the program. This event is a party all day and all night kind of deal. It is also a unique opportunity to show off your wheels.

North Carolina

North Carolina is popular for its motorcycle-friendly roads. It is one of the greatest travel destination for two-wheel enthusiasts. North Carolina offers a beautiful scenery that can only be truly appreciated when one is cruising through the highway with a motorcycle. The strong motorcycle riders community led to the annual arrangement of the Summer Mountain ride which is a planned event for everybody who enjoys motorcycles. It is a great way to socialize with other riders, both old and new. The Smokey Mountains Rough Road Ride is also an organized event held in North Caroline for the participation of motorcycle riders all over the country. It is a rare opportunity to enjoy a weekend of riding around town and playing poker.


Milwaukee is the ultimate motorcycle travel destination. It is where Harley Davidson, the American motorcycle manufacturer, was born. The celebrated Milwaukee Rally happens every year around August and September. Riding along the beautiful Lake Michigan in Milwaukee is something to look forward to in the summer months. This event is all about the live music, street parties, and of course, demo rides. There are over 100 vendor booths in the venue where the much-anticipated Ms. Milwaukee Rally Bikini Contest and girls mud wrestling take place. What makes the program different from the others is the legendary Run for Cash. This event is truly made for die hard motorcycle enthusiasts.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is also one of the favorite motorcycle travel destinations in the country. It is well known for its beautiful bodies of land and water that motorcycle riders live for. This is why the city of Laconia, New Hampshire is called the City of Lakes. However, the real reason why bikers love this place is because of the annual, long-running motorcycle event popularly known as the Laconia Bike Week or Laconia Motorcycle Week. It happens around June when the weather is perfect and safe for motorcycle riders. The Laconia Bike Week is also one of the oldest motorcycle rallies as it turns 95 this 2018. The event highlights motorcycle races, drive demos, and bikini bike wash. It is a much-awaited event for both bikers and spectators.