Essential Motorbike Touring Gear To Get In 2018

Gear Up! Motorbike touring gear to check off your list.

One of the most important parts of planning¬† your motorcycle tour is to make sure that you have all the right gear. I’ve found this awesome video outlining some of the essentials for you guys. Alex goes over the best options to choose from for soft luggage storage and hard luggage storage. There are many cool extra features you can get to make sure you have a more comfortable ride after spending hours on the road. Is your hand tired of pulling the throttle? Think about a throttle lock.

You must have an appropriate set of tools, the number #1 piece of gear to get for your tour. Other gear that is mentioned are: lights, Bluetooth communication, clean underwear, a proper jacket, and red wine! GPS units, phone mount, tent bag, extra tubes, metal boxes just to name a few. Well padded and well ventilated are very, very important.

Alex goes on to explain what matters the most is to prepare for the trip you will be going on. His five more important items to bring are:

  1. A good helmet that fits
  2. A camera
  3. A GPS
  4. Good riding pants and jacket
  5. A good pair of boots

I found this gear guide very informative, so give ‘er a look and I hope you can too